What are Push Notifications? And How Influencers Can Finally Use Them

Learn how you can unlock the secret power of push notifications

How Influencers Can Beat The Instagram Algorithm.

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What are Push Notifications

Push notifications are alerts that show up directly on a user's device as a clickable pop-up to increase awareness of information and engagement. It is seen widely across social media platforms, email apps, messaging apps, and other various apps. Push notifications are a super powerful tool that can communicate any message in real-time.

So how can influencers use the power of push notifications?

Until today only the developers of apps and social media platforms had the ability to send push notifications. For example, Instagram can send a push when someone is “going live,” YouTube can send a push about a new video coming out, and Facebook can send a push about a new post shared. Social media platforms were keeping this capability to themselves, and only they were able to control what is being sent and why. By having the ability to send push notifications exclusively in their hands, they are able to facilitate and profit off of the success of influencers. Can you imagine how much an influencer could increase their engagement if the influencer could personally send a push notification to the phones, tablets, or computers of their followers? Well, it’s finally possible.

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Until today sending push notifications has never been possible for influencers, mainly because it requires a complete DevOps team, an approved app on the app store and google play store, as well as being highly complicated to create. Now, this extremely powerful capability is being given back to the people who deserve it most—the content creators.

InfluPush, the newest tool for influencers, gives influencers the power to send a push notification to anyone who subscribes to them. The platform is completely free, without any need for app-developers. Opening an account is as easy as opening an email account. This means you can send alerts, updates, and news on anything that you want directly to your fans in real-time! Push notifications are proven to increase engagement and response time by over 62%, which is so important for influencers. Being an influencer can be hard work, especially when trying to get the right news out, at the right time—so don’t leave your hard work to the control of big networks like Facebook and Instagram, take the control into your own hands and send your own notifications right when you want, to who you want!

No matter which platform you use to keep your followers “in the know,” you can now consolidate all your channels into one seamless flow of communication. InfluPush enables influencers to easily connect with their followers on a more personal level and send any announcements straight to their devices as a push notification: Each subscriber gets the notification as a push-notification, just like they would from Instagram, Facebook, or iMessages. Share new updates like a new TikTok video post, a “going live to play” notification on Twitch, a new brand that you are collaborating with, and much more! The options are limitless. Making it more effective to engage your audiences on their activity across all social media platforms.

So take this power and see how you can not only maintain but improve your engagement rates with the use of push notifications!

This new tool is giving influencers a secret power that has been hidden for years

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