Why Influencers Should Keep Evolving

The ever-changing world of social media

How Influencers Can Beat The Instagram Algorithm.

Arielle Segal

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Surprisingly influencers have been around

for years, and can even date back to the 1700’s when royal queens were seen in certain style trends that “influenced” others within their society. Many wanted to feel like royalty and follow the lead of those in high roles, from outfits to even tea sets. Like when potter Josiah Wedgewood decided to create a tea set for Queen Charlotte, which ultimately led him to become the popular luxury tea set brand of his day. With that being said we have come a long way from the early influencers to the ones of today. When social media was introduced, specifically Instagram, becoming an influencer became possible. Many people were able to use their creativity, talent, and voice to not only reach audiences but also have an effect on them.

But as we mentioned before, from the first influencers to the influencers today there are many differences and this is due to the ever-changing trends of the society and the world around us. Social media giants are always evolving and adapting to the new trends in order to stay on top and relevant. Like when Instagram and Facebook realized audiences were becoming more interested in video content and decided to add in the “story” feature, as well as, the option to upload long-tail video content, also known as Instagram reels. In order to be successful, they knew they had to adapt to their audience's needs. And this same holds true for influencers.

If influencers want to be successful they also have to adapt to the ever-changing trends while still engaging their audiences. This may seem like a lot, but today there are many ways to adapt and stay on top. Influencers firstly need to understand their audience and what interests them. If their audience is mostly Gen-Z then they should more than likely start having a bigger presence on newer platforms like TikTok. While if their audience is millennial they would have a bigger presence on Instagram. Secondly, Influencers have to stay on-trend. They have to understand what is going on in the world around them and evolve based on these trends. For example, if you are a fashion influencer, you would have to be up-to-date on what the latest styles are, and not stay with the same style you wore even months before. And lastly Influencers have to not only be interesting to their audiences, but also make sure that they are reaching and engaging their audiences the best they can.

Sadly for influencers

new algorithms on the different social media platforms have made it even more difficult to engage with their audience, and understand the right way to expose their content. Since influencers worked so hard to get to where they are today it seems unfair that all their hard work be taken away just because social media giants decided to. More and more influencers are seeing a decrease of user engagement, and are trying to find ways to win back their audiences.


new technology has made it possible to take back the control into their own hands. InfluPush platform realized the rising problem for influencers and decided to create a new and easy way to ensure they are able to reach their audiences directly. InfluPush gives influencers the opportunity to have their followers subscribe specifically to them and send push notifications directly to their devices.

This means that no matter what the evolving trends and updates, influencers no longer have to worry about being able to reach their audiences to keep them engaged. Sending push notifications is proven to increase response rates and engagement by over 62% and now influencers have the chance to pull those strings!

The platform is completely free,

without any need of app-developers. Opening an account is as easy as opening an email account. Simply create your account and start gaining subscribers. Now you have the ability to notify them on any announcements straight to their devices as a push notification: Each subscriber gets the notification to their phone, computer or tablet as a push-notification, just like they would from any other network like Instagram, Facebook, or iMessages.

So keep evolving as an influencer and use new platforms that will help you be successful long term.

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