Why Communication Is The Key To Influencer Success

And what’s the best way to get direct communication with followers

How Influencers Can Beat The Instagram Algorithm.

Arielle Segal

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Influencer success can be based on many factors;

but the most important factor for success comes down to one thing—communication. Being able to communicate with followers is what started influencer careers in the first place, so without it, they wouldn’t be where they are today. You can see this clearly through the abilities they get on each social platform. Instagram allows influencers to share their announcements through stories, posts, reels, and even direct messaging! While Facebook also allows similar engagement and even the ability to have their own page dedicated to providing their followers with information.

Basically, without being able to communicate with audiences, influencers would have no career at all. Their success lies solely on being able to communicate freely, and easily to better engage their audiences on all things surrounding their personal brand or image. Unfortunately, some of these platforms lack one big thing when it comes to helping influencers attain the best communication with their audiences. This major thing is push notifications. Push notifications are one of the greatest communication tools of our time. It increases engagement, as well as, response time by over 60%. If influencers were able to send their own messages to their audiences directly to their devices, they would be guaranteed to increase their influence and success.

Moreover, push notifications makes it way easier for influencers to manage their large following, and reach them through direct messages quickly. Bypassing confusing algorithms and making it simple to reach their audiences.

With this new knowledge

comes new technology. After realizing how important and rare it is to have the ability to create personalized push notifications, InfluPush decided to develop a new and easy way to make this possible. This means influencers will finally have the ability to control communication and take success into their own hands. The InfluPush Platform allows followers to subscribe directly to each influencer and get push notifications directly to their devices.

Any message, announcement, or information that an influencer wants to send, will reach their audiences every time, no matter what. No need to stress about having to depend on social media platforms in order to get the word out. Have a new profile on Reddit that you want to share? Send push notifications to your audience and share it. Want to share a new blog link? Send it out as a push notification and reach all of your followers! Have a new partnership announcement? Let your followers know about it with a customized push notification. Each message pops-up directly on their devices like any other message notification would. Making communication not only more clear, but more engaging and simple!

The platform is completely free,

without any need of app-developers. Opening an account is as easy as opening an email account. Simply create your account and start gaining subscribers. Now you have the ability to notify them on any announcements straight to their devices as a push notification: Each subscriber gets the notification to their phone, computer or tablet as a push-notification, just like they would from any other network.

So stop worrying about being able to keep your followers in the know, and start communicating clearly, directly and simply so that you can guarantee your success.

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